Our Mission

Refa’s Thrift Closet jumped at the opportunity to open her own online Thrift Store during the first quarter of the Covid-19 Pandemic - while the majority of the brick and mortar stores were closing up shop.  Her fearlessness and tenacity is why RTC has been thriving ever since.

RTC's mission is to provide our communities with lightly loved second hand clothing, shoes and accessories, because buying second hand is both AFFORDABLE and ECO-FRIENDLY.

RTC is breaking the "cultural stigma” behind second hand and vintage clothing.  It is more that okay to purchase lightly loved clothing (many of our items haven't been worn and still have tags still on). 

With a recession and climate change issues on the rise, it is even more imperative to stop with the fast fashion, put our dollars to better use and to do our part with the carbon footprint by supporting eco-fashion. 

When it comes to affordable clothing, shoes and accessories - EVERY item we sell, is always $20 or less!